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Subject: Summer Opportunities

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful month of April! The time for ascots is now, and soon enough we’ll be greeted by the summer holidays and summer trends.

Several of us are going to be entering our Senior year come autumn, and with the fall semester begins the intense scramble to fill out and submit early college applications; competing against thousands of others for the coveted spots at our top colleges.

As I’m sure many of you know, extra curricular activities can only strengthen your chances of your dream school.

For this reason, I propose that we start looking into various summer opportunities, be they internships, volunteer work, or theater companies to supplement our résumés. 

My personal suggestion is simple. 


And not just any camp, a performing arts camp that caters to each of our needs.

I have a particular one in mind, if you’re interested simply ‘reply all’ and I can send the information that I’ve looked into.

Your Fellow Glee Club Member,

Kurt Elizabeth Hummel

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